Q. What are some good double dares?



Go to a busy street, stand in the middle and break-dance for 15 minutes

2- Get on bus and kiss the first opposite sex nearest full on the mouth

3- Get a white t shirt write on nympho put on and walk around all in it.

4- Call your favorite coffee shop and order 1000 cups of Coffey then hang up

5- Go to a busy street, get down on all fours and crawl along for 15 minutes

6- Knock on your neighbor’s door and ask for a hotdog

7- Talk to your family members for a full night in sign language. No words no sounds

8- Make an omelet in your kitchen blindfolded

9- Read the alphabets backwards in 10 seconds

10- Throw a rotten egg at your neighbor’s car

Q. What are some Truth or Dare Questions to ask in text or mobile??


Truth Questions for Boyfriend over Text

1. Anything there for you to confess to me before I get to know it personally?
2. Have you ever dated with any girl before meeting me?
3. If I tell you that I cannot be pregnant ever then what would you do?
4. If I feel boar stay with you how would you make it interesting?

Dare Questions for your Boyfriend over Text

1. Send me a picture of yours without your shirt!
2. Share your feelings about me in Facebook
3. Propose me like something never before!
4. Do something which will satisfy my anger!