Q. Tell me some good examples of daring dares


Any dare that allows a person to become a better version of them-self. A good dare is done with the intention of helping them and not to humiliate or embarrass them.

I am personally not a fan of dare games, it strikes me as immature and one dare can lead to unintended consequences.

yeah I’m fun at parties.

Q. What are some good darings that you have accepted and completed? Explain with more details....


1st grade, I was 6 years old. I was dared to jump off the roof of our school onto the concrete blacktop playground below.

At that time the school had a ramp that surrounded the front entryway and if you were nimble enough you could climb up the sides of one set of stairs and onto the concrete sides of this ramp and from there up onto the roof (it was the early 1980's, safety was not primary in the minds of designers.)

As for my self, I was big on bravado and on impressing older boys. I was short on foresight.

I fractured my right wrist.