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Q. What are some good double dares?

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1. Give your spouse a lap dance in public

2- Make your spouse come without touching them

3- Make love with your hands tied behind you

4- Smack your partner’s backside in public

5- Eat a candy from inside of your partner's open mouth



Go to a busy street, stand in the middle and break-dance for 15 minutes

2- Get on bus and kiss the first opposite sex nearest full on the mouth

3- Get a white t shirt write on nympho put on and walk around all in it.

4- Call your favorite coffee shop and order 1000 cups of Coffey then hang up

5- Go to a busy street, get down on all fours and crawl along for 15 minutes

6- Knock on your neighbor’s door and ask for a hotdog

7- Talk to your family members for a full night in sign language. No words no sounds

8- Make an omelet in your kitchen blindfolded

9- Read the alphabets backwards in 10 seconds

10- Throw a rotten egg at your neighbor’s car