Reasons To Always Practice Yoga

Reasons To Always Practice Yoga

There are really more than 10 reasons why yoga is so good for you, and the physical, psychological, and subtle benefits of this practice could fill books. But following is a brief highlight of some of the reasons you should consider adding yoga to your world. Here are some of the health benefits of yoga.

1. Better Sleep

When you wake up early in the morning, practice yoga and looking forward to a better health, early bedtime will also become a priority for you. You will go to bed early in the night and find a good amount of sleep to relax. The sufficient amount of sleep helps you to energize your body and mind.


2. Strength, Agility and Flexibility are all Increased

Many sports will give you strength. Others will give you more agility, but few practices will increase strength, agility, and flexibility all at once. In my years of teaching I’ve seen professional athletes overcome injury by increasing their range of motion with yoga, and victims of a double masectomy regain full mobility after debilitating surgeries that left loads of scar tissue in their bodies. Nothing really compares for repairing the body and making sure that the ligaments and connective tissues are just as strong and pliable as the muscles themselves.

3. get in shape, feel great

 nothing like practicing asana everyday to give a boost to your health and wellness. feel more energetic and vibrant than ever. your friends and family will notice. we promise!

4, Receive personal attention

something specific you want to understand? is there a pose or yoga concept you want to look at in more detail? this is the place to ask questions. this is not a one size fits all practice. learn how to adapt the practice to meet your needs, develop a personal mediation and home asana practice, and receive individualized feedback on how to teach in way that is most authentic to you!

5.Yoga Enhances Memory & Cognitive Functioning

It may seem strange that a practice which involves breathing and stretching can enhance your cognitive functioning, but yogis could really be better at learning, have increased memory capacity, and retain high levels of concentration. Many of these benefits are attributed to meditation – arguably the goal of all yogic practice, but it can also help you at school or on the job by improving your brain functioning.

6.Yoga Naturally Reduces Pain

There are countless studies proving that yoga can be very effective at relieving pain. It doesn’t matter if you suffer from fibromyalgia, arthritis, or migraine headaches, yoga has been proven to effectively reduce pain from all these ailments. And if you are one of the millions of people that suffer from back pain – yoga can make that pain practically disappear.

7.Good mood throughout the day

Yoga helps to release stress, anxiety, depression and alleviates your mood by cooling your brain and relaxing your mind. You will feel energized and happier throughout the day.

8. Yoga Prevents Degenerative Diseases

The ways in which yoga prevents disease are astounding. When you really understand how, it can be more evidence than you would ever need to take to the yoga mat, stat! Here are just some of the reasons yoga helps to keep you young and healthy longer:

    Glucose decreases
    Sodium decreases
    Total cholesterol decreases
    Triglycerides decrease
    HDL cholesterol increases
    LDL cholesterol decreases
    VLDL cholesterol decreases
    Cholinesterase increases
    Catecholamines decrease
    ATPase increases
    Hematocrit increases
    Hemoglobin increases
    Lymphocyte count increases
    Total white blood cell count decreases
    Thyroxin increases
    Bioavailable Vitamin C increases
    Total serum protein increases
    Oxytocin increases
    Prolactin increases