common gym problems and their solutions

common gym problems and their solutions

Hate going to the gym because of all the problems you face? We have the solution.

Going to the gym is something we all should do. But there are those times when those minor hitches tend to make a workout so much more problematic. Stuff like bad odour in the gym, sweaty machines, feeling shy with people watching you as you work out…and so much more. But now, instead of making excuses, we give you solutions to some of the most common gym problems you might be facing.

Chaffing: This is a very common problem for women or men with slightly bigger thighs. While the workout will eventually help resolve this problem (since you will lose weight making your thighs thinner) it can be very painful  and often be the reason you stop working out. Here are some tips to choose the gym that is right for you.

Solution: Wear either leggings or yoga pants (the one made of stretchable material) under your track pants. While this solution can be uncomfortable for some, you could also try wearing boy shorts or under your track pants. This helps preventing your thighs from rubbing against each other and, therefore, no chaffing. If you already have a wound due to the rubbing of your thighs, use a medicated antiseptic cream to help heal it and then resume your workout.

Bouncy boobs: Running on the treadmill can be exhausting, but the entire situation becomes worse when you have large breasts that bounce as you run. Apart from being uncomfortable this can also be quite embarrassing and cause injury. Read about why you shoud wear a sports bra.

Solution: Double bra it! If you have large breasts you can choose to wear a regular non-wired bra under your sports bra. The dual support will help keep your breasts in place and prevent the bouncing.

Smell or body odour : The gym is a place where a lot of people workout and therefore there is a lot of sweat and not to mention body odour. Sometimes the smell can be so horrible that it prevents you from actually entering the gym. Workout, goodbye!

Solution: While this might be the most unconventional sounding advice, it is the best to breathe. You nose is equipped to stop sensing a foul odour once you get used to it. So just breathe normally. If you try to hold your breath, the next breath you take will be far worse than it was the first time.

Feeling conspicuous in certain clothes: There are those times when you are working out in the gym and you feel like what you are wearing is showing a lot more than you intended to. Things like sweaty pants, cleavage when you bend down or even your panty line when you bend over to do a floor exercise. Here are some tips to choose the right workout clothes .

Solution: For this, choosing the right kind of workout wear is essential. Firstly choose a material that is dry fit, or one that does not soak in the sweat and stain. As for your t-shirts pick one with a fairly high neck (round necks are perfect) to avoid accidental boob show. If that’s too uncomfortable, wear a ganji or a t-back under your shirt so that it gives you enough coverage. To avoid panty lines wear boy shorts under your tracks. This serves a dual purpose — it will help prevent chaffing and panty lines.

No free machines: When you are working and have only that one hour to hit the gym, it can be a crowded time. With the lines for a machine being really long it can affect your workout schedule not to mention reduce the intensity and go on for much longer than you hoped.

Solution: If you are  in a crowded gym without any free machines don’t slow down your regimen because you have to wait. Instead do some floor exercises or use weights while you wait. This will help keep your heart rate up and your body warmed up as you move on to the next exercise. Remember rapid cool down and warm up can damage your body. So keep moving while you wait. Here are some exercises you can do in the gym while you wait.

Sweaty machines: This is one of the most disgusting things you’ll come across in the gym. Sweaty dumbbells, sweaty seats  and icky handles. If this is  one of the main reasons you stay away from the gym, we have a solution for it.

Solution:  Carry your own towel when you go to the gym. It’s perfect to wipe off sweat before you use a machine and is just basic gym etiquette.While we do not suggest wiping down sweat from the machine (because that’s just yucky!), use it to wipe yourself before you use a machine. If the machine you are planning to use is lathered in sweat might we suggest pointing it out to the gym management who can get it cleaned for you. Also, carrying some tissues to wipe down machines if you simply don’t want to go through all that effort of complaining works well too.  You may also like to read some of the common gymming etiquets you might not know.

What other problems do you face when you visit the gym? Do tell us in the comments section below.